Tattini mesh blanket with detachable high collar

Insect control is an issue that all of us who love horses have to deal with every year. Indeed, we know how annoying insects such as gnats, flies, mosquitoes, parasites and horseflies are.

In hot weather, at particular times of day, these insects become really aggressive, and around the stables there is little we can do to keep them away.

Many horses become impatient, agitated, no longer wanting to leave the box because this remains the only place where they are not attacked by insects. And so we too can no longer take him to graze the grass or let him loose in a paddock.

There is a solution: Tattini offers a truly innovative mesh blanket. It is made to cover all sensitive areas well, from the neck to the crotch’s tail. A rectangular insert also protects well under the horse’s belly. It is equipped with a series of fasteners so that the blanket always stays in place even when the horse is roaming freely. Elastic back ties, adjustable T-locks at chest and under belly allow perfect fit.

The Tattini Mesh Blanket is made of fine mesh technical fabric with honeycomb inserts on the back and shoulders so as to breathe effectively and absorb sweat. It is anatomical and allows the horse maximum freedom of movement. The neck is detachable for better versatility of use.

It is available in the color blue in sizes ranging from 165 to 205 cm. Measurement is taken from the withers to the beginning of the tail.

It is available in the best saddleries for 66 euros.

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