Choice of measures

We can also help you online to choose the right size of products. What do you want to do?

Choosing the size of boots

Each model of our boots is unique, on each product page you will always find the size chart for that model.

What you then need to do is search for your boot model, enter the product page and view the corresponding size chart, this way you will find the right size for a perfect fit.

Remember that if you need support, our customer service team is always there for you. Find contact information below.

Choosing the size of the Cap

Tattini caps are available in various sizes, from 52 to 60 cm (head circumference). When we try on the cap, we must first put it on the correct way: we fasten the chin strap, leaving space for a finger. Let us always remember this precaution. A badly laced cap does no good!

Some caps have a back wheel mounted on a 5-position headband to precisely adjust the size. Others come with three pads so that we can choose the one that suits us best.

When we try on the cap, we tilt the head back and forth and to the side-the cap should stay in place.

Once put on, the cap should fit like a glove, not putting pressure at any particular point but being snug against our head. By tilting the head back and forth and to the side, the cap should not move and remain in place.

If you have any doubts about which size to choose, please contact our support

Choosing the right blanket

Tattini and Daslö blankets dress from ponies to older horses. To choose the most suitable blanket, you need to take measurements from withers to tail and from the center of the chest to the tail.

A table of the various sizes available can be found on the tabs of each blanket:

Withers - Tails

Chest - Tail

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