Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions to quickly resolve your concerns. If you don’t find your question here please contact our customer service department with the details at the bottom of the page

Sizes and measurements

Online you can find all the measurement tables product by product. Within each product page you will find the size chart corresponding to that specific model. This way you can find your perfect fit

Tattini caps are available in different sizes, from small (52 cm) to large (60 cm). To wear them properly, make sure to fasten the chin strap, leaving some room for a finger.

Some caps have a back wheel with five positions to adjust the size precisely, while others include three pads to choose the one most comfortable for us. When we put the cap on, we bend our head forward and back and to the side, and the cap should stay in place.

Once put on, the cap should fit well on our head without pressing too hard in any area. When we tilt the head in various directions, the cap should not move, but remain stable in place.

Tattini and Daslö blankets dress from ponies to older horses.
To choose the most suitable blanket, two measurements must be taken: from withers to tail and from the center of the chest to the tail.

A table of the various sizes available can be found on the tabs of each blanket.

Purchasing info

Normally all Tattini products can be found in the best saddleries in Italy and abroad.
For boots, we have set up a dealer section on our site that allows you to easily locate the store nearest you where you can find them.

All Tattini boots have a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.
The warranty applies to problems arising from manufacturing defects and is void in case of misuse of the products, tampering or modifications, and any kind of problem arising from improper cleaning or maintenance.

To take advantage of the warranty service, the buyer must:

  • Register on the site (here) by entering the production lot number found on the inside lining of the boot
  • Go to the shopkeeper showing the registration and purchase receipt
  • The shopkeeper will check that all the above directions are followed.

It is recommended that the boots be delivered properly cleaned, otherwise the warranty will not be recognized.
Tattini reserves the right to repair or replace the product.

Product Info

The capTattini are all approved according to CE VG1 protocols, which are mandatory for all equestrian disciplines.

The EC VG1 standard is the one currently in force with the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) and all national federations. CapTattini are therefore approved for the performance of all equestrian disciplines.

The Italian Equestrian Sports Federation also recently approved safety regulations that require adult athletes to wear a cap whenever they perform show jumping exercises even in home training.

The tests to which the caps for approval are subjected are particularly stringent and are carried out through impact and pressure tests that reproduce both the effects of falls and those of impacts with the horse’s hooves.

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