Tattini World

Tattini since 1860

We are an Italian company that has been manufacturing boots entirely Made in Italy, designing and distributing riding apparel and equipment since 1860.

We combine more than a century of experience with unmistakable Italian style and the capacity for continuous innovation, succeeding in industrializing artisanal processes. This for Amazons and riders means stocking, wearing or using modernity and innovation, which ensure performance and comfort.

We are present and recognized in more than 30 countries around the world, never forgetting that we are Italian.

We are always looking for new technologies in terms of material selection and testing, industrialization, and packaging, which can guarantee level performance without sacrificing the Italian style that is the synthesis of it all.

Brands by Tattini

The Tattini brand is recognized worldwide for its quality and ability to continuously innovate its products while preserving its identity of taste and style.

The historic Tattini brand is the family masterbrand and covers the top of the range, offering high quality riding products. To meet the diverse needs of the market, Tattini has launched other brands of its own over the years, distributed throughout Italy through the best stores in the industry and abroad through a network of qualified distributors.

For English riding, the Daslö brand dedicated to the mid-range was created. The offering has been enhanced by the Daslö Gold brand for the mid- to high-end.

Two brands have also been created for western riding: Brad Ren ‘s for the high-end and Natowa ‘s for the mid-range of the market.

The catalog also includes Pessoa saddles that Tattini exclusively distributes in the Italian market.

"Ride your passion, ever."

Research & Development

A long history of innovations and firsts in the creation of riding boots.

We have always had the ambition to make mass-produced riding boots that are easy to fit and better than “made-to-measure” in terms of grip, comfort, lightness, fit, foot well-being, grip and performance, thanks to technology, design and production entirely Made in Italy.

Our technologies

For boots

Close Contact

thanks to the CloseTEX insert on the inside of the leg

Customizable Design

With interchangeable straps

Locking Cursor

ykk zipper, CloseTEX zipper cover and plexi zipper stop

Remodeled footbed

With thickened anatomical, antibacterial and removable fussbett

Airboost and Antishock

rubber sole with ventilation and anti-shock system


in soft and supple natural leather

Elastic Band

back for a perfect fit. How custom-made!


in natural anti-stretch leather

Close Contact

The world's first boots with Close Contact technology


The boots in the Close Contact series, thanks to their 100% made in Italy technology and design, are the first in the world to use CloseTEX (Close Contact Textile), which ensures maximum contact with the horse, enhancing the performance of riders and amazons. The CloseTEX insert on the inner side of the bootleg gives the boot abrasion resistance and high grip while being soft and durable. The volumes and proportions of the sole and legging have been recalculated to increase comfort and optimize fit.

Technology and design 100% made in Italy

Quality control

A choice of value

Tattini is the only company in the industry to adopt a strict quality control system throughout the boot production process and on the finished product.

First and second choice

Having passed the first two checks, it is the third and final check that determines the selection between first and second choices.

Boots intended for second choice have no functional defects, but minor cosmetic imperfections that do not compromise their use, performance, or durability.

The warranty remains unaffected. In fact, in maximum transparency, second-grade boots are marked and clearly distinguished from first-grade; the words “second-grade” appear on both the box and the inner lining next to the production lot number.

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