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Ours is a story rooted in the distant past, with an artisanal flavor and a taste for ancient leatherworking techniques, for a perfect and skillful blend of tradition and innovation.

Made in Italy

Fine raw materials, craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality

For us, Made in Italy means fine raw materials, craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality. Ours is a totally Italian production, from the study of the product, to the choice of raw materials, to its manufacture. We dedicate the best leathers to guarantee you a boot at the highest level.

Close Contact

The world's first boots with Close Contact technology

The boots in the Close Contact series, thanks to their 100% made in Italy technology and design, are the first in the world to use CloseTEX (Close Contact Textile), which ensures maximum contact with the horse, enhancing the performance of riders and amazons.

The CloseTEX insert on the inner side of the bootleg gives the boot abrasion resistance and high grip while providing softness and durability. The volumes and proportions of the sole and legging have been recalculated to increase comfort and optimize the fit.

Technology and design 100% made in Italy

Interchangeable straps

Don't settle--dedicate a strap to every occasion!

Change the look of your riding boots.
A wide assortment of straps even personalized with your name. Interchangeable Straps work with a convenient and secure Velcro system and are applicable to all boots in the Close Contact line.

World Premiere

The strap with your name embroidered on it

Choose whether to include your name or initials in the colors white, red, green, light blue, fuchsia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to customize your boots with class and elegance. You can order them online or find them at one of our authorized Close Contact dealers.

The opinions of knights and amazons

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We are always at the service of our customers

Choosing a boot size can be complex. We help you with our guide

Find out how to customize your boots with Tattini accessories.

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