Tattini ardisia women’s breeches: style and comfort

Horse riding is synonymous with elegance and Tattini has always interpreted Italian fashion and style through his collections, with particular attention to comfort and safety while riding.

The Ardisia women’s breeches by Tattini are the perfect synthesis of style and technique, for girls and women who want to always be elegant, on horseback and on all other occasions. The anatomical cut, the double way stretch of the technical fabric (82% Nylon, 18% Spandex) and its ability to absorb sweat make Ardisia a horse trousers with exceptional comfort and non-deformable over time.

The rhinestone decorations that enrich the Tattini riding trousers are present on the front and back pockets and on the central loop. The non-slip silicone grip on the knee guarantees an optimal and safe grip in the saddle, the elasticated inserts at the ankle allow great comfort and also facilitate the fit of the boot.

The Tattini Ardisia women’s breeches are available in white, royal blue and black, in sizes from 38 to 48.

They can be found in the best saddlery shops at a price of 115 Euro.


  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50+
  • Quick absorption & fast drying
  • Maximum comfort with stretch
  • Permanent shape retention

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